Shipping & Payment

1. Merchant's Information

www.automotoparts.eu online-store is owned and operated by: AMPART Sp. z o.o. (LLC), Lopuszanska street 38, 02232 Warsaw, POLAND.

2. Customer's Personal Data

Customer has a right to view and correct personal data transmitted to the Merchant. To exerce this right, Customer should contact store's Customer Support using email (email addres should match the one used during ordering process) or traditional mail. The Merchant gathers Customer's data only in order to fulfill the terms of the contract (sale). Customer's data is erased from Merchant's database right after the sale and delivery is completed.

3. Orders

Orders are placed using online store www.automotoparts.eu. Correct order contains following information supplied by the Customer:
- First and last name (or, in case of companies, name of company)
- Complete ship-to address for products' delivery
- Email address (for online store orders)
- Contact phone number (required for phone orders, optional for online store orders)
- Article number(s) of ordered product(s)
- Quanity of ordered product(s)
- information about chosen delivery option
In case order is placed by a company, there is possibility (optional) for the company to provide additional data:
- Information whether VAT Invoice will be needed
- Customer's VAT number
If Customer would like to provide Merchant with additional information related to order, they can do it verbally during phone order process or, in online store, using "Additional Information" field (optional).
In case of order using online store interface, all above mentioned data is gathered by Cart mechanism and final Order Form. Ordering process is considered completed once Customer clicks the order button (captions "pay now", "send", "order" vary according to the shipment and payment option chosen). By clicking the order button, Customer agrees to store's Terms & Conditions as well as product and shipment pricing.

3. Order Confirmation

Orders placed using our online store www.automotoparts.eu get confirmed by automated email message. Thus it is necessary for Customer to provide us with a valid email address in store's order form

4. Order Handling

Usually, it takes up to 2 business days to prepare ordered product for shipment. In case of temporary shortage of products/components, Customer gets informed (by phone or email) about expected ship date. In such case Customer has a right to cancel the order and receive full refund of amounts related to the order that they had sent/wired to the Merchant as a prepayment

5. Shipment

5.1 express letter - service provided by Poczta Polska (Polish Post)

Poczta Polska provides estimated delivery time but does not guarantee it.
Customer, who chooses this option as a mean of delivery for their order acknowledges that:
- they have chosen a budget (unexpensive) shipment option,
- delivery time communicated by www.automotoparts.eu store is an estimation and delays occurring once the ordered products are handled by the carrier (Poczta Polska) are no fault of the Merchant,
- Merchant can place claims (related to lost/delayed packages) at Poczta Polska only after 30 days counting from the date of dispatch of the package. Such are Terms and Conditions of service provided by Poczta Polska and Merchant does not have influence on it. Eventual prior refunds to the Customer are a sign of Merchant's good will and Merchant is not obliged to refund premature claims by Customer (ie. delay in delivery amounts to a couple of days).

6. Payments

Merchant accepts following payment methods:

6.1 Online payments by SKRILL.

Fast and secure payment method that shortens the order processing time - Customer has a possibility to make an instant payment using major credit cards and over a hundred of local means of payment. Payment confirmation is available to the Merchant within minutes and Merchant can release the order to shipping and handling process.

6.2 Bank Wire (prepayment).

Customer that chooses this method of payment receives an email message from the Merchant that includes data needed to make a prepayment wire to Merchant's bank account. Once the wired funds are booked on Merchant's account, the sale is considered complete and ordered products can be released to shipping and handling process.

7. Proof of Purchase

Each shipment includes either a printed receipt or a VAT Invoice. Customer is asked to keep those documents for the eventuality of warranty claims

8. Returns

According to polish legal regulations, Customer can return ordered goods without giving a reason for return if all of following conditions are met:
- Customer informs Merchant about return within 10 days counting from the day of receipt of goods,
- Returned products have to be in original packaging, unopened and unused,
- Proof of purchase has to be included in return shipment
Within 14 days (counting from the date when Customer informed Merchant about return) Customer has to send the products back to the Merchant. Return shipment can not be sent as Cash on Delivery - returned products need to be inspected prior to refund being issued. C.O.D return shipments will be refused by Merchant.

9. Money Return

9.1 In case Customer is a company and VAT Invoice was issued.

Once the cancellation of the Order is accepted by Merchant as valid (return conditions are met) - Merchant will issue a VAT Corrective Invoice (please be advise that polish regulation require such corrective invoice and not a simple credit note - it tends to complicate things but Merchant has to comply with polish regulations). Money is returned to the Customer within 7 days after a signed by Customer copy of VAT Corrective Invoice is received by Merchant. Merchant is not responsible for any mistake in return account number made by Customer.

9.2 In case Customer is a consumer or company for whom VAT Invoice vas not issued.

Once the cancellation of the Order is accepted by Merchant as valid (return conditions are met) - Merchant, within 2 business days, will return the money to Customer's credit card or initiate a bank wire to the account number provided by Customer. Merchant is not responsible for any mistake in return account number made by Customer.

10. Warranty

Goods that are sold by Merchant and which show signs of manufacturing faults (not wear and tear due to normal usage) are subject to warranty and can be returned to the Merchant. In case Customer intends to exerce their right to warranty repair/replacement, they should return the product to Merchant at their cost (Cash On Delivery type packages will be refused). If warranty claim is valid, Merchant will refund the shipment cost, and will take warranty actions in following order:
- will try to repair the product,
- will replace the product with a new, fault-free one, - will issue a refund to the Customer.
Prior to sending the goods to Merchant, Customer is to get in touch with Merchant using email biuro@automotoparts.eu in order to arrange receipt of product(s).